Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) Free Nulled

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Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) Free Nulled

Faster than 86% websites only download the content for the first time
https: // tools.pingdom.com/#!/kKldr/demo.ajax-cart.com

But the navigation of the site by clicking the link Ajax – it can be 100% faster than other sites. Please note – it is difficult to load the home page, not just text – a lot of images.

Ajax Cart is fast

The single package, one price for all functions of the Demo.

Many features. All in all – without additional paid modules

Customer Area :.

Just click a few links, to see how fast it is. She went to the US with GoDaddy’s

Manager Area :.
a@a.com / 01230

to see a skin cell to visit his mobile phone .

Please do not hesitate to contact me
the HTTPS protocol: //codecanyon.net/user/olegkhorev

My Upwork profile
https: //www.upwork .com / fl / ecommerce /

What features are in the client area of ​​

  1. The main parts with banners and certificates . Home Featured Products, Bestsellers, the most popular products, new arrivals. Category featured products, as well as when they are defined.
  2. Products with Quicklook, options, options, wholesale prices, a different image (zoom effect preview) image options. Variants and options for changes in price and weight. Social share links. Product details page tabs: Description; related products; Recommended products (random); send to a friend.
  3. Categories, Brands, Blogs with moderated comments, static pages, Contact us Search products, news, newsletter subscriptions.
  4. reCAPTCHA used to avoid spam guests.
  5. Information with orders history account.
  6. Log in, register, ajaxfied truck, ajaxfied Checkout, ajaxfied profile, ajaxfied wish list.
  7. the Realtime cart and checkout payments.
  8. Products pagination, sorting options.
  9. Email notifications for order status, a new feature, a new blog comment, contact us form, user registration.

What features are in the area Admin

in the first place is the meta tags on all the pages can be adjusted. Next is all the pages have their own custom clean URL. Another is that each function has a lot of other options. And the last one is a WYSIWYG editor to customize all the descriptions of

  1. The control panel displays the basic statistics of your sales, bestsellers and most popular foods
  2. Orders -. Search orders, see details of the order, change the order status, print invoices
  3. Discount coupons -. the most appropriate option implemented
  4. Members with Country / state of dynamic drop-down .. Create a new user – install the client or administrator
  5. membership levels if you do not use only, do not have their own membership levels defined
  6. Products: .. all the necessary details, images, drag & drop, options, options (you control what options exist or not) variant image, wholesale prices, related products
  7. categories :. levels unlimited number of sub-categories, each category has its own featured products, product features an easy choice, all the categories of items, move a category to another category / sub-category, category icons, banners category
  8. Brands :. All the necessary details with the corporate image (logo, for example)
  9. Import / Export all directory entries
  10. content: Blogs, reviews, static pages, home page (the same as in the category customizer page)
  11. Delivery methods: offline methods of delivery is only supported at the moment. The real-time module delivery methods exist and are in need of personal user experience. The delivery method may be either the national (your country) and international (the client from another country)
  12. Cost of delivery -. You can set the shipping cost for any purpose zones and values ​​from many different the Params
  13. Payment methods: Stripes for credit cards and Paypal. Also there is no payment methods
  14. Taxes – you can determine the taxes for any purpose zone level membership, to establish where the tax will be applied. You can turn off the taxes, if you do not use them. Also established a tax name, such as “VAT”
  15. The target zone -. Settings zones by country, state, city, zip code. City and support postcode mask – just include ‘%’ in the string, and it will mean that the client city / postal code should just turn it to
  16. Manage countries and states
  17. General settings, Information about the company,. blog settings
  18. Easy to translate into export / import of the language variables.

Why is it so good?

  1. The first is speed. This is faster than Amazon’s
  2. The next thing Ajax -. Pages load without rebooting. Just the content is loaded and no page refresh.
  3. Another good thing is that all the pages are clean URL, even in admin area.
  4. fully and easily customizable. This is a simple and pure PHP. No 3rd party classes or frameworks -. Only the PHP
  5. own templates engine is similar to Smarty and well documented. This makes it very quickly generated and cached. It is also easy to code with it to save time by writing PHP-tags each time.
  6. Image size varies with ImageMagick (Photoshop 100% Quality) and cached. All images included autogeneration scenario. For example, information about a product image is large, the list of products has small images – it is not only the products, and all kinds of other images

It is easy to translate – .. You simply export the linguistic variables and change their import

CMS ready – just use a static page, if you do not have e-commerce. Also, blog and reviews.

What customers are mainly in need of pop-ups

  1. quicklook product.
  2. View shopping.
  3. order.
  4. Log.
  5. Register.
  6. My Account bookmark.
  7. add to cart.

The main parts: e-commerce. categories, products, brands, banners, as a supplement to each category and homepage

badge, Paypal, offline payments. Delivery methods. Taxes, discount coupons, destination zone.

More here

Two useful articles to understand the code for your developers.

Scripts (file) structure described here http://demo.ajax-cart.com/page/scripts-structure.html

Motor Standard Tag Templates support PHP also has its own unique template tags, which are described here http://demo.ajax-cart.com/page/templages-engine.html

Last update August 29 16
Created On July 25 16
High Resolution Yes
Compatible browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
files Enabled JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Version PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x
The Ajax cart, blog, CMS, commerce, e-commerce, fast PHP Shopping cart, frameworks, PHP shop, site, store

Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) Nulled Free
Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) Download
Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) zip
Ajax Cart. Very fast. No page reloading. Many features. Responsive and mobile skin. (Shopping Carts) Demo

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