Batch Encoding Converter Standard (Windows) Free Nulled

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Batch Encoding Converter Standard (Windows) Free Nulled

Convert 1000s of files between more than 100 text encodings and binary formats: Unicode, ANSI, Latin, Cyrillic, ASCII, UTF8, ISO, OEM, Mac, Base-64, Bin-Hex, Quoted-Printable. Save raw bytes from files as hex, dec, or bin ASCII byte code representations, and convert them back to bytes. Includes automatic encoding detection, Big Endian, and Unicode support. Process 1000s of files using multiple CPU cores in manual, automatic, scheduled, console modes, or directly from Windows Explorer right-click menu. Save files to output directory specified using either absolute or relative path, with original or new name defined by a mask. Select files for processing based on their name, dates, size, and contents using advanced file search supporting RegEx and advanced wildcards. Perform different operations on different files with conditional processing and process branching. Detailed processing logs are available in both user interface and log files. Run multiple program instances simultaneously.

Last Update 13 September 16
Created 13 September 16
Compatible OS Versions Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Desktop, Windows 10
Application Runtime .NET 3
Tags ansi, ascii, base64, binary, character encoding, convert encoding, encoding, encoding converter, hexadecimal, text encoding, unicode, utf, utf16, utf38, utf8

Batch Encoding Converter Standard (Windows) Nulled Free
Batch Encoding Converter Standard (Windows) Download
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