CSS: Flexbox Essentials (Web Design) Free Nulled

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CSS: Flexbox Essentials (Web Design) Free Nulled

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Course Description

model layout CSS3 Flexible Box or Flexbox use this popular name, is a great way to create a flexible, grid-based layouts without having to rely on floats or built block elements. In this course, Craig Campbell will show you all the fantastic things Flexbox can do by creating rows and columns, for understanding Flexbox properties. And finally, you will put this into practice by creating a simple page layout. So open your favorite editor and learn Flexbox!

What did you learn

  • Working with Flexbox containers, column widths, and Flex-direction property.
  • Rearrange your content and add new content.
  • By manipulating the distance between the contents and wraps.
  • Aligning and justifying content.
  • Using a shortened flexible flow that allows you to combine the Flex-direction and Flex-wrap in one convenient CSS property.
  • Finish by creating a sample layout of the site with Flexbox.

About the instructor

Craig Campbell is a web designer who was doodling on computers since it first opened Paintbrush in Windows 3.0 in 1990, with since then he is constantly looking for new and interesting ways to make beautiful things on computers.

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CSS: Flexbox Essentials (Web Design) Nulled Free
CSS: Flexbox Essentials (Web Design) Download
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