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Demo Builder for any WordPress Product (Utilities) Free Nulled


MotoPress demo Builder is an all-in-one plug-in is easy to build an effective demonstration of any WordPress product . Whether it is a plugin, theme, or any other object to represent.

There’s no better way to gain the trust of your potential customers than by providing them with the opportunity to test your products WordPress firsthand. MotoPress Demo plug-in allows you to do it in both directions: external and internal. Easily create memorable demos to impress visitors and provide access to backend product to give users the freedom to configure a test drive.

With this plugin, you not only get the opportunity to create stunning presentations of their products and increase the chances to beat your competitors in a natural way, but also enhance your marketing opportunities thanks to built-in tools like MailChimp and responsive toolbar (to refer to your other brand products)

demo Builder Highlights .:

What you get as a plugin admin
, you can create a demo version of any WordPress product only once your potential customers are free to discover all the other benefits on their own. Your controls not limited.

That demo users are
a Frontend and access to WordPress backend of your products. The ability to test the plug-in as on their websites (defined by access to backend plugin manager). The confidence that all their updates Server persist for the life of the demo website

The powerful and exclusive characteristics :.

customizable Demo Lifetime
Ask any trial you think is sufficient for proper testing of your WordPress products.
MP Demo administrator has full control over the test period applies to all trial sites. Installing the demo service life is carried out in a few clicks and can be changed at any time. After the user demo site (sandpit) expires, he will be automatically cleared to you not to keep the old demo data.

Automatic Cleanup Tool Demo Data
The demo data is automatically cleaned at the end of the account.
When the demo site for cleaning depends on the previously set a demonstration life. This means, firstly, to get rid of all the sample data of the unused time, and secondly, all users demo know how long they may use their accounts, it should not show misunderstanding no further data loss.

Isolated Sandbox
Independent accounts are guaranteed demo users.
Each user has the opportunity to experiment with a demo version of your WordPress products without caring their updates will be affected by other users. All custom modifications will remain unchanged until the trial period is complete.

User roles and limitations of
you define that Dashboard page the user can access and modify.
Allow users to access only the required parameters in their sandboxes (user demo-sites). For example, you can block access to all positions or only for certain positions as well. Access to a specific page of a demo account may also be limited by a network administrator.

Redirecting to the sandbox Creating
Land demo users directly to the most attractive and user-friendly page product demo after. Confirmation of account
Select the best way, in the first place to present your product demo: It can be a dashboard, a particular post, the plugin settings, or do you think this is the right place for your trial users to get started . They will be automatically redirected to this page.

Responsive toolbar
The great cross-marketing tool to increase the popularity of your brand and other products.
This may be particularly useful for showing your WordPress themes and plugins. The toolbar at the top of the demo version of the product allows users to see your logo, images, and links to other related products and all the necessary buttons. You can optionally hide this bar or show only the necessary pages.

MailChimp Integration
Collect e-mail addresses of your users with the best email marketing service from MailChimp.
Convert the demo users into customers is much easier with an integrated MailChimp plugin. members of interest groups and let them stay up to date with your latest product news, even after their trial sites expired.

Simple operation created Demos
View all existed demo site and analyze what features users can check the most.
you get flexible tools to easily manage and view all the sandboxes and remove the necessary ones. As a network administrator, you can also edit any of the created sandboxes.

Handy table to keep track of the number of created / activated sandboxes for a certain period of time.
Select any calendar date, you can view detailed statistics about the total amount of established and activated a common demos. Even if the demo site has been removed, you can still see the information about its creation in the field of statistics.

Use convenient shortcodes to display all of the desired demo content database.
A wide range of short numbers your disposal. With one of them you can easily create a new demo account registration form displays all of the required fields, and system messages / notifications Settings. You have complete freedom to make the registration process for users of the most intuitive and user-friendly. Switching between the standard demo form and pop-up form, to change his appearance.

Confirmation by e-mail
Demo Account email verification members will prevent spam.
You will not need to fight spam. The new sandbox is created only in the event that the verification link in the user’s mailbox is clicked. You just be sure all the latest accounts are created by real people. e-mail templates are fully customizable.

Additional administrator notification
Stay up to date with all new demo accounts created.
This is entirely dependent on your needs, to receive notification of all created a demo site or not. If this option is enabled, you will receive relevant notifications straight to your inbox. If you prefer a manual check periodically statistics, just disable this option in the plugin settings.

Features for Developers
The action of the hooks on your team.
The plugin comes with several hooks efficiencies to help programmers to improve the plug-in, or adapt to their requirements. A large set of filters and functions of your power plant to control the behavior of the maximum setting plug it to your needs.

Last update On September 16 February
Created September 2 16
files included JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP
Software Version WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4 .2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0
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Demo Builder for any WordPress Product (Utilities) Nulled Free
Demo Builder for any WordPress Product (Utilities) Download
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Demo Builder for any WordPress Product (Utilities) Demo

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