Facebook Messenger BOT GUI Builder (Social Networking) Free Nulled

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Facebook Messenger BOT GUI Builder (Social Networking) Free Nulled

Your business is growing and growing each day, you are getting too many requests from customers and can’t respond to all of the messages?
Thanks to Messenger Platform and this powerfull facebook messenger bot GUI builder tool – now you will be able to build auto responses with no coding skills required.

Key Features

  • Numerous buildable response types
    Carousel, image, text, buttons, audio, video, file, quick replies
  • Uer variables
    Assign custom user variables and use them in responses
  • Marketing
    Create marketing messages and send it to all / selected recipients
  • GUI builder
    Build responses with integrated GUI builder – no coding skills required
  • Projects
    Handle as many projects as you need.
  • One Facebook Application
    One app for all projects – one facebook application is used for all projects.
  • Hooks
    Execute actions after message received.
  • Integrations
    Integrate your RSS feed and send it directly to recipient.
  • Timezones
    Rely on project or recipient timezone.
  • Communication Log
    View log off incoming messages and responses
  • Modern
    Application built on Laravel 5.2 framework

Server requirements

  • Apache web server
  • SSL support
  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
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 v1.12.1, August 30, 2016  - [fix] Project settings page v1.12.0, August 29, 2016  - [update] Updated project dashboard, added pass / miss chart  - [update] Responds list refactor  - [new] Full text matcher v1.11.2, August 9, 2016  - [fix] Fixed FB login scope v1.11.1, August 2, 2016  - [fix] Fixed CSS/JS files v1.11.0, August 1, 2016  - [new] Project dashboard refactor  - [new] Flow creation / edit refactor v1.10.0, July 20, 2016  - [new] Subscription management  - [fix] Fixed "Get started" button v1.9.0, July 12, 2016  - [new] Compatible with latest API features  - [new] GIF response type  - [new] Video response type  - [new] Audio response type  - [new] File response type  - [new] Quick Replies response type  - [new] Greeting text  - [new] Get started button  - [new] Persistent menu  - [new] Callbacks integration v1.8.0, June 29, 2016  - [new] More default user variables  - [new] Hooks  - [new] Default respond  - [new] Welcome message  - [new] Project timezones  - [new] User timezones  - [new] RSS feed integration  - [new] Save message as user variable  - [new] Connect / disconnect facebook page v1.7.0, June 10, 2016  - [new] Custom user variables  - [new] Admin panel  - [new] Disable / enable chat for user  - [new] Mass marketing messages  - [new] Flow ordering  - [fix] Password reminder  - [update]Updated token generation v1.6.0, May 26, 2016  - [new] Added more advanced demo  - [new] Added flows  - [update] Updated GUI builder  - [update] Refactored postback functionality  - [update] Refactored matcher assignment  - [update] General tweaks v1.5.0, May 21, 2016  - [new] Updated GUI builder  - [new] Added image response type  - [new] Added carousel response type  - [new] Send multiple messages at once  - [update] Updated facebook token handling  - [update] General tweaks v1.4.0, May 9, 2016  - [update] Updated facebook access token generation  - [update] Improved message handling v1.3.0, May 5, 2016  - [new] Track message pass / miss statistics and display chart  - [new] Display chart of your recipients growth v1.2.0, May 3, 2016  - [new] Fetch sender first name, last name and photo from facebook  - [new] View list of received and sent messages by sender v1.1.0, May 1, 2016  - [new] One app for all projects - one facebook application is used for all projects  - [update] Simplified new project creation v1.0.0, April 25, 2016  - Initial release  
Last Update 31 August 16
Created 25 April 16
Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Framework Laravel
Software Version PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x
Tags auto reply, bots, customer, facebook, facebook auto reply, facebook marketing, Facebook Messenger, hooks, integrations, live messaging, messenger, messenger platform, rss

Facebook Messenger BOT GUI Builder (Social Networking) Nulled Free
Facebook Messenger BOT GUI Builder (Social Networking) Download
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