Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Free Nulled

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Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Free Nulled

static Google Maps is a .Net class that implement static images Google Maps in your application with a few options change only through a custom property

The creation of static card requires 1 line of code to use it

ZIP file contains the manual “How to”, the demo application, .vb file and a DLL file with the function of precompiled, ready to add a reference and use in your application

Google Maps static is very easy to use and integrate into an application as soon as you have integrated DLL or .vb file to create a new variable as GoogleMapsStatic

the Ex : dim the map as New GoogleMapsStatic

to create a static map, use GenerateMap function (Place As String, OutputType how OutType)

The OutputType have 2 options, the first URL , which returns a URL to the static image, and the second the iMAGE , which return a bitmap static map

Url Ex: map.GenerateMap ( “New NY “, GoogleMapsStatic.OutType .url)

image of the Ex: map.GenerateMap (” New York “, GoogleMapsStatic .OutType .Image)

you can set card option with easy to use property of

Example: change the map type

the Ex: card .XMapType = GoogleMapsStatic.MapTypes .SATELLITE

The whole property has X at the first position

Custom maps feature:

image Format:

  • png8
  • png32
  • Gif
  • Jpg
  • Jpg Baseline

card Type:

  • Roadmap
  • Satellite
  • Village
  • Hybrid is

marker Color:

  • default
  • black
  • Brown
  • green
  • purple
  • Amber
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • white

Marker Label:

  • The letter from A to Z
  • The number from 0 to 9
  • No

Marker size:

  • Little
  • Small
  • the Mid
  • Normal

The image height and width of

The increase of 1 (the world) to 21 (home)

time needed for the map display changes depending on the speed of the Internet

Watch the video preview for a small example

Created 13 April 16
Last update 13 April 16
files Enabled Visual Basic VB, C # CS
Software Version .NET 2.0
Tags .net , control, custom, easy, Google, Google maps, images, maps, maps, clean, static, the URL

Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Nulled Free
Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Download
Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) zip
Google Maps Static Image Creator (.NET) Demo

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