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Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme (Real Estate) Free Nulled


Houzez is a professional WordPress theme designed for real estate companies and agents. Attracting visitors and potential customers with customizable modules Visual composer, title options, different lists and ownership patterns.

This is not a topic that only takes care of the front of the real estate business. It is also a real estate WordPress-management system that allows you to own and maintain the real estate market, to coordinate their agents accept submissions

Get more calls, plan more views and earn more commissions. – Houzez was built with conversions in mind.

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Houzez v1.3.3 – Released August 31, 2016

 [New] Taxonomy grid exclude options, the order of options [New] List view / grid view Taxonomies default programs for pages, you can find within the parameters of the theme -> General tab [New] design Dashboard [Fixed] Featured color label for the widget properties [Removed] The composition of the system, the new one will be available in the new version of 

Houzez v1.3.2 – Released August 23, 2016

 [New] Custom mobile logo download [New] change the language of the calendar options threads [New] Google map location, Google Now will be shown on the map in accordance with the language of [New] Add a new property "year of construction" box datapicker enable / disble option. [Fixed] The problem with CSS animations [Fixed] Added a missed line for language files [Fixed] Featured widget displays for sale / rent label [Fixed] Error in contact with us by e-mail in footer widget [Fixed] Show / hide data in detail property page is improved [Fixed] width of the front end of a page properties [Fixed] to reload the page on the back button [Fixed] Advanced search minimum price may start with 0 function [Fixed] Calendar for "assembly Year" in the property Basic Information tab [Fixed] Log in release the widget when users are not logged in [Fixed] Hide partitions if empty detail page property [Fixed] Search jobs with decimal in the bed and bath [Fixed] The agent responsible is not copied when you duplicate a property into another language [Fixed] Saved Search issue with drop-down price of [Fixed] character position in the currency price slider [Fixed] Some CSS issue [Fixed] Some RTL issue 

Houzez v1.3.1 – Released August 17, 2016

 [fixed] problem administrator access without authorization 

Houzez v1.3.0 – Released August 16, 2016

 [New] More options [New] the WP All Import Add On [New] New details Layouts [New] property Layout Manager [New] Compare properties [New] Walkscore [New] Features Labels [New] Print properties [New] 360 ° Virtual tour [New] Custom Slug property [New] property Statistics [New] Sticky Sidebar [New] Front End Submission manager [New] Front End floorplans Feed [New] Front End several units / Sub properties Feed [New] Front End information about the agent supply [New] Currency Switcher [New] Mortgage calculator [New] iHomeFinder IDX / MLS [New] Multi-language menu [New] property ID on Carousel v1 and v2 [New] Listing Display Order [New] Twitter Widget [New] Instagram Widget [New] Autogenerate property ID option [New] Disable admin panel for users threads option [New] search for property ID option [New] allowed HTML in footer copy right [New] Ability to delete an image blog features [New] Grid / view options list for your property search results page [New] Ability to set a number of features to show in the extended search 

Houzez v1.2.5 – Released July 25, 2016

 [Fixed] Fatal error when houzez topic deactivate but houzez -Theme-plug functionality is activated [Fixed] Propert optional e-mail to add your own link in the message body [Fixed] Add a new property from the front end of the automatic selection of the agent [Fixed] Sent Tag must be approved by Admin "does not function when turned off for the membership option [Fixed] Free membership ads let you add lists after the end of the limit. [Fixed] Add properties without registration should automatically reduce the allowable limit when the user login to your account. [Fixed] team member custom shortcode link [Fixed] Added missing translation strings [Fixed] Advanced Search All status widget does not work. submit [Fixed] Log property without hidden fields do not work [Fixed] options button topics Create a listing now logon time requirement may be added. 

Houzez v1.2.4 – Released July 19, 2016

 [New] Multi-Unit / Sub Tag is now the property can have an unlimited number of sub-properties. [New] Blank page template - for complete freedom with visual Composer and create full landing page with Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. [New] Advanced Search Search Ajax with a Google map [New] Advanced Search drop-down area of ​​the city and to connect the drop-down area at the moment of filling the city. [New] Option slide Price for advanced search [New] Different price range slider prices for rent and the status of the real estate [New] Half Map Listing Advanced Search page is now working with the AJAX [New] Ability to show / hide more search fields [New] to limit the download document properties only to registered users [New], how many months / days, the listing will be online for the price paid (for the in ad mode) [New] Listing duration - The administrator can set the listing duration of a single list, for example, one listing costs $ 20, and it will be published within 3 months [New] option Featured labels color theme [New] property status of taxonomy (for sale, for rent, etc.), colors [New] You can make a submenu background color transparent [New] On lot _blank link to a website agent the URL [New] Added "Kosovo" in the list of countries option [New] plan text (slogan) to the top panel [New] Transparent header boundary option bottom [New] image option for real estate and property county / state [New] video version of the loop for the splash page and the title of the video [New] topic options Advanced search bedrooms and bathrooms, the ability to add / search with decimal characters [New] ability to remove dark gradient overlay with images [New] ability to enable / disable the site navigation bar [New] Ability to disable form agent [New] download images constraints to add a new property, you can now determine how many images the user can download, when to add a new property [New] Maximum file size limit for your own image [New] options Search by keyword field search name, content or address, zip code, city, etc. [New] country defaults topic [New] List view / Grid view option to search Halp map [New] Ability to delete bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, area size, etc. from the front end and backend add a property page. [New] Add new fields required theme options Property [New] added rel = "next" and REL = "Prev" for pagination in accordance with Google's recommendations [New] Field Option password for user registration. Enable / disbale password field [Fixed] Added missing translation strings [Fixed] RTL problem with the visual composer full line width [Fixed] taxonomise grid property the number of items to display [Fixed] the Retina logo problem [Fixed] Location drop-down does not work splash page [Fixed] icon to change the password field of the e-mail to the padlock [Fixed] properties latest photo counter widget [Fixed] Advanced search dropdown question Mr. index parallax 

Houzez v1.2.3 – Released July 9, 2016

 [New] Advanced search widget comma and dot tile option. [New] Open gallery popup on the page Information about the property when press featured the image. [New] Showing threads Page Setup, no sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar, in a list, in a grid, to enable / disable the saved search. [New] link to a website, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo social icon for the agent. [New] Splash pages link options Logo theme, you can now choose a custom link to logo splash page. [New] Added a list of layout and 2 columns layout option in the module VC Properties. [New] expired ads can be placed to live after the second payment. [New] Various embodiments of prices for rental and for sale properties for prices Advanced Search widget slider. Option [New] Several cities in the property on the map. [New] Register for the e-mail topics are now subject of the message and e-mail content can be changed in the theme settings. [Fixed] Front Sign and register the problem, which occurred after the update 1.2.2 [Fixed] Social Logins problem that occurred after update 1.2.2 [Fixed] The content of the release of the space in the lower part of the contents of the agent in the detailed property page. [Fixed] Arrows hover background color for the slider buttons next / prev. [Fixed] Load more button question of translation. [Fixed] Parent page breadcrumbs break. [Fixed] grid alignment layout half card small screen. [Fixed] Forgotten your password is not sending e-mail. [Fixed] A fixed percentage of the line and the minimum area, maximum transfer area [Updated] Advanced search keyword field now search for an address, street, city, postal code. 

Houzez v1.2.2 – Released July 1, 2016

 [New] theme units Options property, now it can be set globally [New] Houzez Login register plug languages ​​[Fixed] Advanced search "Other Recommended" color options threads [Fixed] header alignment issue in the header of version 4 [Fixed] Mobile Advanced search Z-index [Fixed] details version of 3 gallery area on your mobile phone [Fixed] white space details property v3 gallery [Improved] details popup slider 

Houzez v1.2.1 – Released June 30, 2016

 [New] Houzez 07 and Houzez 08 one-click demo import [Updated] slider revolution [Fixed] Fixed ping results page results that occur in v1.2.0 [Improved] one-click demo import 

Houzez v1.2.0 – released June 30, 2016

 [New] by Paypal options recurving payment [New] stripe payment [New] Bank payment transfer [New] Contact form 7 optional replacement agent contact forms, and all other forms of [New] Email Management settings threads [New] Pattern of IDX [Fixed] Fixed the Google maps API release in custom properties Post Type [Fixed] Login and Register buttons to enter the work [Fixed] Banner parallax screen fix release up to 768 [Fixed] modal z- index and sticky headline release Z-index [Fixed] Minor issues the CSS [Updated] theme documentation 

Houzez v1.1.1 – Released June 27, 2016

 [Fixed] Add the map of the property question on the front end and back-end, Google API is now required to work 

Houzez v1.1 – released on June 19, 2016

 [New] Transparent header [New] Half Map List of ads [New] Next location map of the property (hospitals, schools, etc.) [New] details settings page view detail (gallery, map, view of the street) [New] in top menu bar to show social connections, contacts, or the [New] shortcode Team [New] option City to display the header [New] the Google Settings threads analytical code [Improved] Desktop menu and mobile color menu items [Improved] the Footer color options [Fixed] Advanced search for other possible viewing on mobile phones [Fixed] problem Advanced search Z-index [Fixed] the Hover colors on the main menu, submenu [Fixed] colors mobile menu [Fixed] minor issues the CSS [Updated] theme documentation 

Houzez version 1.0 – released on June 15, 2016

 The first issue of 

Last update On September 16 March
Created 15 June 16
the High Resolution Yes
Widget Ready Yes
Compatible browsers the IE9 , IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
compatibility Visual composer 4.11.x
Software the Version WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2
ThemeForest Files Included the PHP files, CSS files, JS files
Speaker 2
Documentation well documented
Layout Responsive
Tags advanced search, facebook Log features and services, floorplans, Google maps and view of the street, paid submission, Paypal payments, pins management, print PDF, property settings, a real estate agent, real estate agency, save favorites

Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme (Real Estate) Nulled Free
Houzez – Real Estate WordPress Theme (Real Estate) Download
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