HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) Free Nulled

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HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) Free Nulled

HTML5 Media Player supports the mixing of Audio image and video together in any order to create a sequence of media

Features :.

  • image audio (self contained audio podcast, Soundcloud) and video support (self-sufficient video, Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Support mix various media types in the same playlist
  • Support for media from Google Drive, Amazon S3 .. (any social communication, which plays in the browser)
  • any order an IFrame can be loaded into the player (api excluded)
  • only of mp3 audio of mp4 video formats required all browsers and devices
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly all
  • font icon Awesome library
  • support RTL language
  • Unlimited number of players on the page multiple instances of each with its own the API
  • Youtube API V3
    • single video
    • single list of video
    • list of
    • channel
    • custom channels
    • video search
  • Vimeo API the V3
    • [] single video [] [] user list [] [poyavlyaetsya19459014194590151945901419459015

    • user
    • user likes
    • user sent
    • group videos
    • video channel
    • video user album
    • Related videos
    • search for videos
  • models Playlist:
    • vertical right / bottom
    • horizontal bottom
    • vertical bottom
    • free custom layout (the list can be fully It separated from the player, and placed elsewhere)
  • Optional playlist categories
  • playlist types:
    • the HTML markup
    • the XML playlist
    • Reading the media folder
  • the Pre / during / after the mainstream media advertising
  • ads are be anything from video, audio, images
  • Additional buttons missing and URL-link to classified media
  • Automatic creation of video thumbnails and description for Youtube / Vimeo / Soundcloud / Podcast, or manually set thumbnails and the description of
  • the Timed built-in elements may be placed on the player at certain times square ( the HTML / Javascript is / an IFrame etc .. all that can be added to the DOM)
  • Video / image aspect ratio (original, fit inside, fit outside)
  • The optional game html5 video on playlist item rollover
  • The additional audio slideshow of images
  • , right-click context menu (custom / default / off)
  • Media download (specify your own path)
  • Search media to / Vimeo / Soundcloud
  • video subtitles support in SRT format / VTT for html5 video.
  • the HTML titles your Youtube support for all media.
  • Optional several qualities , the playback speed in the range of (media loop within the range limits) Start / End time
  • Additional buttons tips
  • Optional keyboard navigation
  • Social share of (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Additional shuffle
  • Additional playback cycle
  • Media end action: loop / reverse
  • addition deeplinking using the browser URL directly to the media the media in the playlist
  • the API methods available
    • media playback
    • Pause media
    • Switching the play
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • set autorun
    • Get / set volume
    • Switches mute
    • the Seek
    • Get the current time
    • Get the length of
    • Get the download progress
    • Change category
    • Switches playlist
    • Switch interface (control)
    • Switching share
    • Switch to embed
    • Switch description
    • search Switch
    • media Search
    • Download media
    • Switching random
    • Switches loop
    • Toggle full-screen mode
    • Get / set the quality of
    • Get / set the title of
    • Get / set the playback speed
    • Switching range
    • set the range of
    • Clear range
    • destroy the media
    • destroy the playlist
    • Sort by playlist
    • the Init scroll
    • destroy the scroll
    • Get data playlist
    • Get the current media data
    • Get settings
    • Get active ID, click
    • Get a playlist length
    • Get the media play
    • Get a playlist transition to
    • Get a playlist is loaded
    • Loading media / playlist
    • add track (s) to the playlist
    • to delete the track (s) from the playlist
    • Skip ads
  • Callbacks there
    • Installing done
    • done resizing
    • List of the end of
    • top of the load list
    • List of the end of the load
    • The list is empty
    • Destroy media
    • media empty
    • media have caused
    • media start
    • media play
    • media pause
    • terminal sequence media
    • List item is on
    • List item disabled
    • Playlist item rollover
    • List item pumping
    • Playlist item Click
    • Category item is on
    • Category paragraph disabled
    • Category thing rollover
    • Category thing collapsing
    • Destroy playlist
    • full screen enter
    • full output
    • Signature (subtitles) change
    • quality change
    • change the playback speed
    • show the event
    • hide events

Special thanks to Dorde sample video used in the demo version.

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 1.0.9 [14.8.2016]

  • [UPDATE] new layout included

UPDATE 1.0.8 [24.6.2016]

  • [FIX] fixed a Vimeo video question

UPDATE 1.0.7 [21.6.2016]

  • [FIX] Fixed communication

UPDATE 1.0.6 [18.5.2016]

  • [FIX] fixed-length video on android and looking

UPDATE 1.0.5 [5.5.2016]

  • [FIX] fixed line seek percent
  • [ADD/FIX] added the way the video is not found detection + Go to the next media

UPDATE 1.0.4 [10.4.2016]

  • [FIX] fixed tooltip to hide its presence on the resistance element is

UPDATE 1.0.3 [28.3.2016]

  • [FIX] update podcast analysis

uPDATE 1.0.2 [23.3.2016]

  • [FIX] fixed filter / m search volume keyboard release
  • [FIX] fixed custom download path for podcasts / SoundCloud
  • [ADD] added attenuation for transition to the active element in the playlist

UPDATE 1.0.1 [1.3.2016]

  • [FIX] added ivag-IFrame-holder of the CSS

version 1.0

  • The first edition of
[19459021нет] High Resolution
Last update On August 15 16
Created February 29 16
Compatible browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
files Enabled JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SWF / FLV
Software Version the JQuery
The html5, mp3, mp4, playlist, plugin, responsive, responsive video, slideshow, social stream, subtitles, video player, Vimeo, YouTube video

HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) Nulled Free
HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) Download
HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) zip
HTML5 Image Video Audio Gallery with Playlist (Media) Demo

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