Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) Free Nulled

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Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) Free Nulled

About ion WordPress RESTAPI App V1.0

” Enter the new age makeover of your news site, website and magazine blogs in Smart Mobile Apps. ”

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This application helps you to easily convert a news site or a web site or blogs for Smart Mobile Apps magazine. App was built using the latest technology Ionic Framework cutting edge. Ion is an open source front-end SDK, which can give a smart look, feel and look for the Mobile App, along with a great UI interaction. Using ion, you can build a beautiful hybrid Mobile App with HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript.

All you need is just a few plugins for your WordPress site. In no time you will have a mobile application for it. All it takes is just your website URL. Your site will be transformed into a beautiful mobile apps instantly. It has a wide range of components, plugins and themes that can help you build your dream Mobile App.

The app uses SASS, which is basically CSS with super powers. Each component has its own dedicated SASS files and overtones of well-structured explanatory variables, which provides you with complete modularity, flexibility and customizability.

Ionic framework is an open source front-end SDK for developing awesome hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Ionic focuses mainly on appearance, and the interaction of the user interface of your application. Cordoba is a platform for creation of native mobile applications using HTML5, CSS, and the JavaScript

Who can use this application Website News:.? Can you imagine how great would your customers feel when they are able to read their daily news while traveling in the train station? Are your clients your true assets? Then, you have to give them a wonderful gift to accessing your news website in a few strokes on their handheld mobile devices

Magazine Websites :. How awesome your readers may feel that they should not go to the store to buy a magazine? How convenient it would be for them if they can read your favorite columns in your magazine, on your mobile device? Present this wonderful experience for your customers. Just convert your magazine website in the Smart Mobile App is now

Blogs :. It is not surprising that you are already one step ahead in order to reach the online space. Why do not you take one more step towards be smarter than everyone else? Convert your blog into Smart Mobile App and always be the first to leave behind the old days

Features and functionality WPIonic version 1.1:

– Ready. used with current WordPress site. – Easy transition from WordPress for Android / IPhone. -. Ion open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with the HTML5

– Corner J S for an amazing front-end appearance, appearance and beautiful UI / UX. – WordPress Recent Posts. – Recommended positions in the home page. – Categories and tags. – The list of categories from a menu. – View the blog. – The images in the full width. – Right soft menu to filter posts by category and search for messages on demand. – Authentication – Registration and login is integrated with WordPress. Register / Login and form validation. – WordPress Integration with JSON API for custom fields. – “Loading …” sign when bringing posts

-. Infinite scrolling (for maximum compatibility with mobile). – “Read more” button in order to have access to the whole message. . – Social sharing posts

Required plugins for WordPress Website: is very important that the following API is already installed on your site WordPress. WordPress Website can get converted to Mobile App, only if these interfaces are installed in it. If none or some of them have been already installed in your WordPress site, you can use this for references to install them. 1. WP REST API

2. JWT Authentication for WP REST API HEAD = pobj 3. better REST API Featured image

installation Guide

http: // WordPress-ion-installation-guide /

Read before buying:

This is just the beginning, which is version 1.0 App. The application will be constantly improved and enhanced for this better performance. In order to change the application that you must have knowledge of web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, you must be able to install the ion and its dependence on your car. We recommend that you use an ionic official installation guide.http: // and ask in the forum Ionic support. In case of further queries relating to the application, we can help you. we do not provide support on how to build an application using the ion.

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Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) Nulled Free
Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) Download
Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) zip
Ionic WordPress RESTAPI (wpIonicApp V1.0) – News / Magazine / Blogs (Native Web) Demo

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