.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) Free Nulled

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.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) Free Nulled

Equalizer is a DLL .Net, containing the new control that the control can be configured in a wide range of options, such as color, value, size and much more

The ZIP file contains the demo application, .vb file two “how to” guide and a precompiled DLL file management, ready to add a link to the application and drag

Library DLL contains a new band EQ controls that have their own properties easy to find because it all starts with the X

This control is useful when creating a music app with EQ, level indicator, or add something new in your application


  • single color or gradient
  • The height and with each level of
  • Shows or hides the boundaries of
  • Change the color of the border
  • of The BACKCOLOR changeable

Watch the video preview for a small example

I hope you enjoy

Created March 15 16
Last update March 15 16
files Enabled Visual Basic VB, C # CS
Software Version .NET 2.0
Tags band, with, control, CS, a custom equalizer, gradient, level meter, MHz, music, network, VB, vb.net

.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) Nulled Free
.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) Download
.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) zip
.Net Equalizer Control (Miscellaneous) Demo

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