Pixel Painter (Windows) Free Nulled

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Pixel Painter (Windows) Free Nulled

Pixel Painter is an application that allows users to create PIX-elated art, At the moment it has all the expected features, such as changing the size of the brush by changing the color of the brush by changing the width and height of the canvas changes the background color, adding transparency of your image background detail document is included to help users get started.

Last update On September 16 July
Created 7 September 16
Compatible versions of OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, the Desktop, Windows 8 Metro , Windows 10
The use of performance .NET 4
The art paint, artist, pixel, pixel art

Pixel Painter (Windows) Nulled Free
Pixel Painter (Windows) Download
Pixel Painter (Windows) zip
Pixel Painter (Windows) Demo

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