Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) Free Nulled

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Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) Free Nulled

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Pro Polls – vote the script Poll PHP is a powerful PHP script for creating premium polls that you can let your users vote to get valuable feedback. It is powered by MySQL and PHP.

Pro Polls also very safe!

  • Secure Database, which uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection!
  • protection against CSRF attacks!
  • the HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks!
  • Built on powerful CodeIgniter Framework version 3.0, which has been tested by millions of developers
  • passwords are encrypted using PHPass library
  • Security code pages with support to prevent spam!

You can now install Pro Surveys Pay inclusion plans that allow you to charge other users to access the site. This version of the site can be turned on or off, but it allows for micro-transactions in your system. Setting up your plans, which include the price, the number of votes for the poll and the number of days each plan lasts. Users can recharge their accounts via PayPal.

  • Survey System
    • Users can create an unlimited number of surveys and they are kept separate from other users on the poll.
    • Add an unlimited number of responses per survey.
    • Add image for each answer.
    • Add HTML to the survey questions.
    • The ability to have multiple votes or one vote (check against radio)
    • Allow the survey results to update in real time.
    • View detailed information on the results page of each poll, including all recorded votes, the top country of approval and the votes in the month.
    • Users can archive their old polls, remove them and change them.
    • Edit Poll uses AJAX technology, so surveys are updated on the fly.
    • Add poll themes to customize the way a vote to see.
    • Polls may be limited in time and expires after a certain number of days, hours and minutes.
    • the IP options with limited access.
    • iFrame code, so you can post polls on their own website / the WordPress website / blog.
  • User and registration system
    • Users can register for an account using the quick and easy register page.
    • Message: Captcha enabled page registration to prevent bots from spamming your site (can be disabled in the admin panel
    • Users can also register an account using your social network accounts, which makes it even faster to subscribe to your site!
    • enter the system comes with a forgotten password page to allow users to change their password via e-mail.
    • preventing spam, making sure that the email address is a unique and valid.
    • passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure that your data is secure!
    • can disable registration from the admin panel, as well as social Login option.
  • Customers
    • The first sheet shows a list of the latest registered users.
    • The graph shows the users who have registered in the last six months.
    • The breakdown shows how many users are subscribed via Google, Twitter and Facebook.
    • See the users that are currently on the site, users who register today and the total number of users. All this is also cached so it saves resources on the server!
    • User List displays all registered users.
    • Search members by username.
    • User Profiles.
    • area of ​​custom settings allows the user to change their avatar, update your name and other information.
    • change password option in the Settings page, too.
  • Admin Panel
    • The ability to disable the registration of
    • The ability to disable Message: Captcha
    • Change the name of the site, logo and other parameters.
    • Option to disable social networking login
    • members of Management allows you to edit, delete, and view member information, such as-IP-address, e-mail and when they last logged in.
    • User Groups allow you to sort and classify the users easily.
    • Email Templates do translation emails much easier by using our version of the email templates.
    • E-mail domain members can send e-mails of all your registered letters. Select by user group, user or all users.
    • Blocking IP system can block certain IP-addresses from the registration account and logon.
    • Payment installation plans, payment settings and the type of payment Magazines new feature Micro-transactions.
    • Options for controlling polls, including to disable updates in real time (with the exception of server resources).
    • The management of all surveys created and delete them.
    • Add Poll topics that users can then apply to their own polls there.
  • Translation of the Ready
    • is easy to translate the entire system, changing our translation files (only 3 to edit!)
    • Allow users to switch between the language of their choice with the help of our unique Switcher language.
    • Supports any UTF-8 language!
    • Documentation Guide to walk you through how to translate
  • payment plans
    • Enable or disable the possibility for users to purchase credits on their accounts.
    • Check using PayPal, supports multiple currencies.
    • Credits are automatically added to the user accounts after the payment has been made.
    • Users can purchase plans that add premium time to your account.
    • plans can be added via the Admin panel, select the price of votes in the poll and the number of days the plan adds.
    • set the default number of votes in the poll for the “free” users.
  • system
    • Built on CodeIgniter 3.0.3
    • Built on Bootstrap 3.3.4
    • Translations Ready
    • Requires PHP 5.4 (for login social media, PHP 5.0+ without) and MySQL database.
    • Support for MySQL, Mysqli and PDO drivers.
    • Support for SMTP Email, PHP Mail ()
    • Two themes: Dark and light


Version 1.1 28.06.2016

  • Added no hook for changing language
  • Added notification of installation of new installations
  • Added new option to turn on the Brute Force protection Login
  • Updated the Layout
  • Fixed payments for PayPal
  • The possibility of
  • include activation email to newly registered members of

  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed a bug where, when the poll has expired, and you may not vote on this, the results will not be displayed
  • Replaced Country Tracking the source of the new, which works

version 1.0 3/17/2016

  • The original release of
Last update 29 June 16
Created On March 21 16
High Resolution Yes
Compatible browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
files Enabled JavaScript JS, HTML , CSS, PHP, SQL
Software Framework the CodeIgniter
Software Version PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x
The response, the CodeIgniter, form, micro-transactions, multiple choice, PayPal, survey, opinion polls, question, questioning, questioning, user management, voting, vote

Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) Nulled Free
Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) Download
Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) zip
Pro Polls – PHP Poll Vote Script (Polls) Demo

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