RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Free Nulled

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RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Free Nulled

randomkey generator is a DLL .Net, containing 3 functions that generate a line / ID / serial / password with multiple options

All functions reqire only 1 line of code to use it

ZIP file contains 2 manual “How to”, the demo application, .vb file and a DLL file with the function of precompiled, ready to add a link to the application and use

DLL contains 3 custom function:

  • StandartKey
  • SimbolKey
  • CustomKey

StandartKey: This function returns a string with multiple configuration options:

  • letters, numbers, or both
  • uppercase, lowercase letters, or both
  • Use Simbol
  • you can determine the length of

SimbolKey: This function returns a string selected length only Simbol, the returned string is a combination of 2529 symbol

CustomKey: This function returns containin line only letters, numbers, and / or the character you want to custom length

Watch the video preview for a small example

Created On March 17 16
Last update On March 17 16
files included Visual Basic VB, C # CS
Software Version .NET 2.0
Tags s, class, creator, custom, function generator, ID , key, net, password, serial port, line, VB, WinForms

RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Nulled Free
RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Download
RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) zip
RandomKey Generator (Miscellaneous) Demo

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