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Stachethemes Event Calendar (Calendars) Free Nulled


Stachethemes Calendar event represents a Premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create detailed events for site members and visitors.

with this calendar, you can include all kinds of information about your event as an introduction section with detailed information, including a photo gallery, calendar of events, list of guests, location, map and directions, weather forecasts, products and comments sections.

– Allow users to send events from the front end of
– Creating one or more day events
– Choose any color you like for your calendar categories
– repeat event daily, weekly, monthly or annually
– Duplicate event
– Set the featured event
– files Import & Export .ics
– Ability to select how many times to repeat the event
– Ability to deliver the gap between repetitions
– Add information about their VIP-guests coming to the event
– Submit a detailed description of the events of the program by date and / or hours
– Add Items tab to your events
– Add the forecast information weather on the scene
– Attaching files to events, so that users can download
– add unlimited number of images for your events
– invitation Send email for your event
– Change all the fonts and colors to match your theme
– plug fully responsive to fit on any mobile screen
– calendar can be translated into other languages. It comes with EN-US-po-file
-. Include discussion of users to your events by Disqus
– Show / Hide Search Button
– Show / Hide Filter button
– Show / Hide View button
– Show / Hide Time Zone
– Enable / off Remind function
– change the date format: YY-MM-DD, MM-DD-YY or DD-MM-YY
– change the first day of the week: Monday, Saturday or Sunday
– change the time format: 12 or 24 hours
– Change the default view: agenda, month, week or day of
– Change Events visibility from public to private
– Changes the weather degrees Celsius to fahrenheit
– Change in wind weather from miles / h HF
– Customize the content of the invitation by e-mail
– Configure e-mail content reminders
– Unlimited number of events on the day of
– Unlimited number of categories of events
– the Google Maps directions
– event filtering option
– Search for events by date, title or keyword
– shortcodes
– enable / disable comments
– Ability to enter keywords to an event to show the result calendar search
– much more in the near future

we have more than 20 new features and improvements in our to-do list, and it keeps growing so stay tuned!

the WordPress Keeping up to date will reduce the problems that can be

Browser :. IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Scripts: PHP 5.3, JQuery 1.12.3+
Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.5+, Visual Composer 4.8.x version of WordPress: WordPress 4.3 and above

to set Stachethemes events Calendar, go to “My account” then “plugins”, click “Add New” and “Upload plugin”. Click the “Browse” button, select Event calendar file, and then click the “Install” button. After installation, click on the “active plug-in” and you should see a new menu called “Calendar Stachethemes Event”.

Starting with version 1.4 plug-in require activation.

to activate the plugin, go to the menu bar -> Calendar of events Stachethemes -> License and paste the code for the supply and press the button to activate.

Weather API
To obtain free API key register

Google Maps
to get the Google Maps JavaScript API Key to go

For Disqus ShortName register in

Security code
scabies your Google API reCAPTCHA keys should

plugin Shortocode:


Shortcode attributes:

 cal - include only after calendars. Example: [stachethemes_ec cal=1,2,3], where 1,2,3 calendar Ides 
 kind - sets the view mode by default. Example [stachethemes_ec view="month"] values ​​agenda of the day, month, week, day of 
 show_views - show / hide the top menu button views. Example [stachethemes_ec show_views=0] The values ​​of 1 or 0. 
 show_top - show / hide the main menu. Example [stachethemes_ec show_top=0] The values ​​of 1 or 0. 
 agenda_cal_display - show / hide the calendar Agenda slider in terms of the agenda. Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_cal_display=0] The values ​​of 1 or 0. 
 agenda_get_n - the number of events to show in view of the agenda on "look for more" press. Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_get_n=5] 

Thus, to display upcoming events, you can use something like the following:

 [stachethemes_ec view="agenda" show_top=0 agenda_cal_display=0 cal=1] 

This will display the agenda accordion only upcoming events calendar with ID 1 Show only events from calendars today 2.3 example:

 [stachethemes_ec view="day" show_top=0 cal=2,3] 

of panel go to the pages or posts
Add a new page or a message, fill in the desired Post / title page and inside Post / page content recording [stachethemes_ec]. Click Publish. This page will display a calendar when you visit. You can put a shortcode into any existing page or a message as well.

If you are uncomfortable writing shortcodes plugin supports Visual Composer, as well.

Because the calendar is not in the WordPress Repository you will need to update it manually.
There Updater is scheduled for the calendar, but it has not yet been implemented

steps to manually update :.
1) The first backup calendar folder (WP-content / plugins / stachethemes_event_calendar)!
2) Turn off the plug (do not delete or you will lose your event).
3) copy the new files WP-content / plugins / stachethemes_event_calendar and overwrite if asked.
4) to re-activate the plugin.

That’s it.
steps (2) and (4) are very important otherwise your SQL database will not be updated!

To create a calendar category, go to the “Personal Account” and then “Stachethemes Event Calendar” and click on “Calendars” from the menu. Fill in the calendar name, color, time zone, and visibility (public or private), and click the “Create Calendar” button. The new calendar should appear in the “List of your calendars created”.

To create an event, go to the “Dashboard”, go to the “Events Calendar Stachethemes” and click the “Events” from the menu. Select “Calendar” from the list or create a new one if you have not created yet. Click on “Add Event” button. Fill in the necessary information about the event and click the “Add New Event”.

Keep in mind that most of the events tab are optional. You can fill in all the tabs before clicking on the “Add Event” button.

1. Go to Events .
2. Select Calendar .
3. Click Add Event or Edit event .
4. Click on WooCommerce tab
5. From the drop-down menu, select WooCommerce product that you want to add to the product.
6. Press Add to the Event

The whole production logic itself does WooCommerce. We’re just tying product to the event. You do not write for money, etc. through our plugin. When you create an event there is a new tab “WooCommerce” with a list of all the products that you have.

You can select the product (s) from the list and click the “Add Event”.

on the front end, if an event related products, the calendar will pull out of WooCommerce product details, along with a button to buy a short description, price, etc. when you press the buy button plugin sends an Ajax request to WooCommerce plugin, and then updates the basket of success.

Font Awesome Icons. Check them out!
Comments section by Disqus
Map and reCAPTCHA using Google.
Weather forecast for the

Before updating the plugin, please read this

for more information about upcoming updates, follow us on with Facebook

 05.09.2016 Version 1.4.3 - .. store redesign tab now includes a number of items. - PHP 5.3 support. - Back-end visibility of the calendar option. - Fixed a .pot file transfer template. - The security code is now disabled by default. - Dates of the events of the week corresponding correction. 29.08.2016 Version 1.4.2 - Calendar pre-initializing the loader. - New CSS3 preloader as the SVG animation obsolete. - Notification about the new Dashboard presented events that are pending approval. - Events Export .ics format from the front end. - Import events in Google Calendar on the front end. - Added options to the shortcode visual Composer element. - The amount of moisture is rounded. - Other fixes. 17.08.2016 - FIX for Fatal error: Can not use function return value in the context of records in stachethemes_event_calendar / before / class / calendar.php on line 54 features implemented in PHP 5.5. Target version of PHP 5.4. - Other minor fixes CSS 16.08.2016 Version 1.4.1 - New Design for Reliable and Weather tabs. - New feature: You can now schedule automatic import events from a URL on a given time. It uses wp_cron. - Interface to create forms automatically disappears if the user does not have permission to add any events. - Added new font icons awesome. - "Go to the event" text changed to "Visit the event's website" to avoid confusion. - Fixed a bug where the event is not to create a form submission data if reCAPTCHA off. 09/08/2016 - Fix - Fixed a bug where the 12 pm is displayed as 12 AM on the front end. - Fixed an issue where he showed a small image and avatar default image is not shown. 08/04/2016 - version 1.4 fix - Activator is now using SSL. - Added new option in the fonts and colors in this section: "Add an important rule!". This option adds! An important rule after each crafted style. - Fixed a bug where some options were not working color. 08/03/2016 - version 1.4 fix - Fix, where some users are experiencing problems with the activator because Curl misconfiguration. - Increased the size of the preview in the form of mobile to115px (up by 85px). - Added an option in the General section, to hide the "Create Event" form. 08/02/2016 - Version 1.4 New Feature: Create an event from the front end. - Visitors and users of the site can now add events to the calendar. - You can specify which calendar to make available to users the level of access required for the user, and if the administrator's approval is required prior to the event publicity. - Google reCAPTCHA included as an option in the form of. Posted: Calendar now require license activation! Added: Ability to import ICS files via URL. Changes: improved visual layout. FIX: Import .ics file will not be duplicated several times events that were previously imported. Fix: Fixed a bug where events may not be sorted correctly on WebKit browsers. 06/28/2016 - Small additions to version 1.3.2 - Reduced label TimeSpan event in some cases (when it ends one day etc ...) - Added option to start the calendar for a user-defined date via shortcode attribute "start_date" . Example. [Не[stachethemes_ec start_date="1 September 2016"] - Removed title = "..." when the mouse cursor is no longer needed. 06/25/2016 - Version 1.3.2 - Added featured tag to the event settings. - Added filter characteristics. - Added button to duplicate events. - Added link for further reading on the Introduction tab (Even Info). - FIX: WooCommerce admin tab will show only published products. - FIX: "headers already sent ..." error during activation if wp_debug included. 06/16/2016 - Version 1.3.1 - Minimum width increased further 280 pixels - Added new icon events in F-hand-to-do - Minor CSS fixes 06/13/2016 - Version 1.3 - Added Announcements (.ics) support import / export. - Fixed a problem with Loco Translate GetText and other editors. - Added "View Cart" and "Checkout" link on the interface WooCommerce tab. - New common installation: "The agenda of the day Calendar Display". This option hides / shows the calendar agenda slider. - New add / edit event settings: "Counter". Hide / Show event counter. - New fonts, and color settings Event Content "Information Event Name and Text Align." - Bug fixes for older versions of iOS and Safari (7.1+). - Visual improvements for mobile devices. (IPhone 6, Air Ipad, Android Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, Motorola G 2nd generation, and so on) - Other minor fixes CSS 3.06.2016 - Version 1.2 - Added a tooltip when you hover the mouse events. - Tips may contain an image name, a brief description of the text (new field), event status, counter, place and event TimeSpan. - New General settings: Enable / disable the prompt. - New General Settings: Events of the day limit for a click. - New General settings: Autofocus event (Yes / No). - New General settings: Auto focus displacement event (- / +) MF. - New common setting: Show the event name to all cells (Yes / No). - New Global settings: Top Menu (Show / Hide). - Filter (show / hide) Calendar / events by WordPress user roles. - Added some new icons. - Fixed a bug in the tab Comments (Disqus). - WooCommerce button buy now seen if customers can purchase. - Some minor CSS fixes. 05/26/2016 - Version 1.1 - Added support for WooCommerce. Now you can add the products to your events. - Added the ability to configure notifications and reminders via e-mail the contents of the general settings. - Added 40+ new icons to choose from. - Added the ability to hide the Moscow time from the front end. - Fonts & Colors The minimum font size is now 9px. - Fixed a bug in the presentation of the agenda of the day, when some events do not appear in the list. - Fixed a bug where custom CSS Style tab was not formed at the front end. 05/20/2016 - Added a new button in the top menu, which allows you to filter events on the calendar. 05.17.2016 - Fixed a bug in the method of the calendar event repeater. 05/16/2016 - Version 1.0 - Release of 

Last update On September 16 May
Created 16 16 can
Compatible browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera , Chrome, Edge
compatibility WooCommerce 2.6.x, WooCommerce 2.5, Visual Composer 4.8.x
Files Included JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, LESS
Software Version WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3
Tags agenda, calendar, comments, date, event, gallery, visit, cal, map, month, responsive, schedule, timer, weather, week

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