StarRating (.NET) Free Nulled

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StarRating (.NET) Free Nulled

stars is a DLL .Net, comprising: a user control star Rating

This custom control can be used to create a review system

ZIP file contains 2 guide “How to”, the demo application, .vb file and a DLL file with the function of precompiled, ready to add a link to the application and use

Update 1.2.0 Now you can set the number of stars by clicking

with custom properties, you can:

  • Use a solid, gradient, or pattern color flling
  • filling Figure color Type
  • gradient direction
  • star number
  • star is
  • Back color
  • border color
  • to show or hide the borders
  • Inactive star color
  • Active star color

Watch the video preview for a small example

Created On March 22 16
Last update 24 May 16
files Enabled Visual Basic VB, C # CS
Software Version .NET 2.0
The s control, customs, DLL, gradient, net, rating, reviews, star rating star system, VB, a

StarRating (.NET) Nulled Free
StarRating (.NET) Download
StarRating (.NET) zip
StarRating (.NET) Demo

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