Ultimate Email Template System for WordPress (Newsletters) Free Nulled

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Ultimate Email Template System for WordPress (Newsletters) Free Nulled

Wordpress email templates plugin

Get more traffic back not Increase participation visitor Inform your members and convert more sales!

emails are sent WordPress ugly and hard to edit, there, Äôs no easy way to send a beautifully crafted e-mail for your visitors, users or customers. STILL! The Ultimate Email Templates system is the most elegant solution to create an unlimited number of email templates and send them whenever you want, however you want on any page, post or custom post type you want!

in the special section of the administrator, you can create email templates using the familiar WordPress editor. You can add header and footer code to the selected partition, and even keep your CSS code separately. and confirm it as you type! You can even choose one of a growing number of predefined templates that give you a great start in creating amazing HTML e-mail that your receivers will love.

Other mail systems limit the ability to send e-mail message, offering several scenarios C Ultimate Email system template , you can send emails using onevery powerful short code called [email] . This allows you to start an email on any , the post or even your custom post types. In fact, you can call the short code in your code to any template or WordPress file! Now sending an e-mail for your visitors, users and customers using WordPress for any purpose super simple and incredibly powerful!

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Plugin for email templates

Email templates can be edited in the same way as the posts or page in WordPress. Add media files, view text-mode format, any way you want.

Additional editor drop-down menus for advanced short numbers and tags Mailchimp.

Edit email templates in WordPress

input field validation code to the header and footer HTML, which wrap the e-mail template.

The isolated input field for CSS, so you can add an adaptive style sheet code.

Restoring an older revision of your templates.

The purpose of templates for WordPress authors of

preview templates online before the publication of

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Start switching e-mail

you can call the send e-mail by simply placing short code [email name=”your template name”] to any post, page or item to order after class. This makes it an extremely versatile and powerful as now any part of your site can easily cause a nice template proprietary e-mail address for a user or visitor. There are a lot of settings for short code too which adds the ability to wait for the launch of the mold, applying to and from addresses, even display the page if you want.

Using a template to Mailchimp or other mailing list services

All email templates have a web address you can use to import the HTML content in the service list. Mailchimp allows you to create your own templates e-mail from external sources, so all you have to do is publish your e-mail template to WordPress site and enter your website address in the template, Äôs Mailchimp to import content. I, Äôve included useful Mailchimp tags drop-down menu in the editor, to allow you to easily add Mailchimp tags in templates

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Very powerful set of short codes that you can use e-mail templates. [latest-loop] has a lot of settings that you can apply that will display messages, pages, or any other custom post type. I, Äôve including short codes to display the name, shutter speed, best image and Permalink allows you to display important elements directly in the mail templates. This may be the latest news, recently added page, the latest products, portfolio items or any other custom post type. You can also use these anywhere on your site at any page, post or custom post type! Very powerful!

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Ultimate Email Template System for WordPress (Newsletters) Nulled Free
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